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Cloudflare Access and Tunnels for the Homelab

Homelab5 min read

Introduction When self hosting services in a homelab, I find one of the most annoying and complicated steps to be the reverse proxy and… Read more...

Building This Blog (2021)

Blog1 min read

Well, it's been about two years and I wrote on this even less than I expected I would, but I decided to give it a little tech swap under the… Read more...

Reflecting on my first month at Microsoft

Microsoft3 min read

It's been a little over a month now that I've been at Microsoft full time and the whirlwind still hasn't stopped! I got incredibly lucky and… Read more...

An Intercom I Never Need to Answer

Code2 min read

Like many others, my old apartment building in Montreal had a phone based intercom system to buzz guests into the building. The intercom… Read more...

Hackcon VII

Talks, Hackathons2 min read

A few weeks ago, I have the pleasure of attending and speaking at MLH's Hackcon VII. This was my second time attending the conference and… Read more...

Enterprise Networking at Home

Homelab, Networking2 min read

A frequent conversation that happens when people come into my apartment shortly after they walk in: "What is THAT!?" as they point at my… Read more...

My Everyday Carry

Tools5 min read

The things I carry every day in my backpack and pockets represents a carefully selected and curative collection of (mostly electronic) items… Read more...

Backing Up 23.6TB to the Cloud

Homelab, FreeNAS4 min read

I'm a data hoarder and I have a problem. My local storage infrastructure built on FreeNAS has been rock solid but unfortunately as my local… Read more...

Building This Blog (2019)

Blog3 min read

For a while, I've had building a simple personal blog in mind. Finally, after bookmarking numerous comments, tweets and reddit threads from… Read more...

How We Hack: The HackMcGill Tools Strategy

Hackathons, Productivity, Tools5 min read

Having the right tools for the job can make or break any effort. Community building and Hackathon planning are no different. When our… Read more...

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