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Nerd Ramblings

Nerd Ramblings

Written by Kyle Rubenok. I'm a PM at Microsoft. Previously McGill CS, President at McGill CSUS, Co-Director at HackMcGill and Founding Partner at Penguinleaf.

Latest Posts

Cloudflare Access and Tunnels for the Homelab

5 min read

Introduction When self hosting services in a homelab, I find one of the most annoying and complicated steps to be the reverse proxy and… Read more...

Building This Blog (2021)

1 min read

Well, it's been about two years and I wrote on this even less than I expected I would, but I decided to give it a little tech swap under the… Read more...

Reflecting on my first month at Microsoft

3 min read

It's been a little over a month now that I've been at Microsoft full time and the whirlwind still hasn't stopped! I got incredibly lucky and… Read more...


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