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Nerd Ramblings


I'm Kyle Rubenok and these are my Nerd Ramblings. I don't post very often, and I'm not the greatest writer but having a place to publicly post some hot takes (that will likely be technology related) and keeping some longer term public notes felt like an interesting idea.

I'm currently a PM at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington after completing two summer internships. Previously, I served as the President of the McGill Computer Science Undergraduate Society, Co-Director of McGill's largest hackathon, McHacks and sat on the Board of Directors of the Students' Society of McGill University.

Outside of my student involvement, I've been fortunate to have twice interned as a Systems Engineering intern with Cisco Canada. Before that, I experimented with founding a technology consulting business, Penguinleaf Technologies.

I've always been obsessed with technology since I got my very first laptop (a pre-unibody 2008 15" MacBook Pro) and I've been very opinionated about my choices in technology. I hope to express some of these opinions and share what I've learned along the way. I deeply enjoy Homelabbing (having racks of enterprise servers at home), high-end media production (think 4K live broadcasting) and personal productivity empowered by technology.

Get in touch

If you'd like to get in touch, your best bet is probably to email me or find me on LinkedIn. I also occsaionally comment on Twitter @krubenok.


Trying to hire me? My email is above and my resume is here.

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