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Building This Blog (2021)

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Well, it's been about two years and I wrote on this even less than I expected I would, but I decided to give it a little tech swap under the covers. You can read about the original tech stack for the blog here

What went well

  • I continue to use Github to host the repository for this blog, and try to put as much as possible into a version controled repository.
  • I have stopped hosting this blog with Netlify. I'll get into why I moved to Vercel below.
  • It's not as simple as I tried to convince myself it was, but I enjoy it 😅.
  • We're still on Gatsby. I still like it, but I'm interested in exploeing other options that could potentially be more resiliant over time than Javascript based projects.

What I'm changing

  • I have updated the site to use Gatsby v4. This was a pretty big pain in the ass and I found it easier to actually start a brand new site with the updated version of the template, then port all my customizations back over to it.
  • Vercel has a much more generous free tier than Netlify, including a much more resiliant free analytics offering that is relatively privacy respecting. Netlify is still great and does have a few Gatsby-features I miss (such as build caching), but overall Vercel was a better value at the free tier.
  • I added a slick resume importing source for Gatsby that I got from Johanan Idicula. The lastest PDF file from my Resume Repo is automatically imported into this site on the About Page.
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